carciofo e fiori di zucchini

Are in season. Some prepare them as fritti which is something we’ve tried. And once even cooked at home.
Zucchini flowers with anchovies in pizza and lasagna. Yammy.Grilled artichokes or marinated. Also in pizza and salads.
Restaurants, greengrocers and even shops use them both as decoration.
This is my recipe for deep-fried zucchini flowers. I’ve used the batter for carrot stems and spinach. Sorry , I have a feeling I need to review my culinary English.
1. Rinse the greens you wish to fry and let them dry for a bit on a kitchen towel.
2. Prepare the batter: mix an egg and 1-2 tbls plain flower. Add a dash of water. This should be enough for two people.
3. Heat a large pan and add olive oil.
4. Turn the greens in the batter and fry until golden brown. Add salt to taste.


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