Fennels and aubergines

I cannot get over the multitude of vegetables and fruit at every street corner. Wonder how difficult it would be to choose something for dinner. I would simply buy them all.
The other day we had fennel cooked together with meat – some sort of thin cuts of pork prepared into rolls. The fennel was quite well cooked but still tasty. Still have to say that the taste comes to its rights better eg in a salad. Uncooked fennel and oranges with or without walnuts and some olive oil. Bueno! This is also an Italian classic from the South. In Amalfi you can find lemons and oranges in so many variations and dishes. And those giant lemons 20 cm in diameter.
Well aubergine or eggplant if you like is another favourite. I was delighted to find them on the skillet yesterday.
Here a recipe melanzane all’Angelika.
You need a couple of aubergines, salt and olive oil. This is a side dish contorni in Italian.
1 Peel and slice the aubergines into thin slices.
2 Heat a skillet/frying pan. Put a pinch of salt on the hot pan and then add the aubergine slices. Cook until golden brown.
3 Serve as such, hot or cold, with olive oil.
What a simple and delicious recipe.


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