Smoking the Catch of the Day

Freshly smoked fish are one of the best treats of the summer by the sea.

 Pike, whitefish and bream caught with a net.

You use what ever the catch of the day is. For us the catch is often small perch, pike and bream. You clean and gut the fish, and sprinkle with sea salt. You can also prepare a brine of salt and water and let the fish soak in it for a while.

Then you make a fire and fill your smoker/ smoking tank with the fish and put some chips of alder on the bottom of the smoker to give a lovely colour. You place the smoker on thefire. If your tank is small the fish is ready in about 15 minutes. In a larger tank it’ll take 30 – 45 minutes or more.

 Cleaned perch sprinkled with salt.

 Perch in the smoker.


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