Soup and Shopping in Mariehamn

Shopping spree and lunch in town were my leisure activities yesterday morning.
We took ourselves to town and started wandering the streets. With help of some local knowledge, the tourist brochure and  recommendations it was easy to  navigate.

Sjökvarteret, the harbour quarter, is a new set up in the East Harbour and  nests one of Åland’s gems Guldviva which is a jewellery store with beautiful handmade silver jewellery. SALT is a store that sells local handicrafts.
Judy’s is another store for handicrafts and Judy’ ceramics. In the same house you find a fine secondhand store Emmaus loaded with book that are almost new. Got 7 novels for 7 euros.

After the books we realised that we were almost out of time and had to rush to lunch. Indigo was the restaurant we close. It is on the first floor of an old house in a quarter full of cafés and restaurants. At lunch it was full of people with the waiters bustling about. I had a lovely salmon soup with carrot, potatoes, celeriac, a dash of white wine and salmon. Mariehamn is a small town of about 12,000 inhabitants and 50 restaurants? Think! They are for the thousands of tourists that visit the towns arriving with sailboats, cruises, ferries and planes.



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