Viva Tortilla Espagnol


Today is the first hot day of the summer. It is also my mom’s birthday and Independence Day in the U.S. It is 7 pm and still +25 C. This is hot for Helsinki. We’ve enjoyed the afternoon taking a stroll by the sea, eating ice cream and sitting in the sun with good reading.
We were craving for something savoury and thristy for cool beers as we got home. To celebrate the day and at the same time Spain’s soccer victory (European Championship) we decided to make Spanish omelette. The basic recipe I use is always the same, i.e. the eggs and potatoes and the flipping over. Each time I add something depending on what I feel like and what I have in the fridge: onion, garlic, tomatoe etc. I’ve tried making a perfect tortilla for ages and must say that have improved a lot since Elvira, a friend and colleague in Spain, revealed some of the secrets: to pre-cook the potatoes and let them cool, to mix the potatoes and eggs in a bowl and not on the pan, and how to flip the tortilla. However, I don’t follow the advice to the point and I am not yet a pro in the flipping. It is so much easier with pancakes!

Today I added peppers and a bit of Parmesan to the omelette because I happened to have peppers on my windowsill and got this lovely chunk of ecological Parmesan at the store yesterday.

This is what you need for two
5 small potatoes
1 red pepper
1 – 2 tbsp butter or olive oil
3 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
4 eggs
salt and pepper

  1. Cook the potatoes and let them cool. I use new potatoes that need no peeling and it makes the recipe even quicker.
  2. Dice the pepper and the cooled potatoes.
  3. Heat a cast iron frying pan and brown the butter. Put in the peppers and stir. Let cook for a couple of minutes. Add the potatoes and cook for another two minutes.
  4. Mix the eggs in a bowl and add the freshly grated Parmesan. Pour the mixture over the potatoes and peppers. Turn the heat down and cook under the lid for 8 minutes.
  5. Place a plate on the frying pan upside down and flip the omelette on to the plate. With another plate flip the omelette once more so that you can fry the other side of it. Cook for another 5 minutes or so.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with tomatoes or a tomato-onion salad.

The omelette was thick and tasty and sold like hot cakes (sålde som smör i solsken, a Swedish proverb) this hot and sunny evening.


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