Cooling Gazpacho


The warm spell continues and have to make some other summer food. I love gazpacho but make it only once or twice a year.

The greengrocer’s stand at the supermarket is abundant with ripe tomatoes and lovely cucumbers. The selection of vegetables gets wider each day. The tomatoes are lovely and for once you find more than just the domestic and foreign, flown-in, varieties. They are so beautiful, the colours and texture. I could not stop admiring them both before and especially after scalding when you could see the different colours and veins in the tomatoes.

I dug out my old dear Magimix kitchen aid to help me with the cooking. It is the best gadget ever. I have to confess that I was not very happy on my first married Christmas to get it, and was more or less cross with my husband. It was only later that I discovered the Magimix’s full potential and I couldn’t live without it now. He must have seen the inkling of my passion for cooking. Today I won’t get upset if I get a kitchen gadget, utensil or dishes as a present. Now I know that he would never get me anything boring or dull although sometimes he might get something that I could perfectly live without. Well, the last cooking present was a Le Creuset pot that I’d been dreaming of for some time. The one before that a handpresso, a portable travel espresso machine.

Now back to the gazpacho and the recipe. There must be as many recipes as cooks as I believe no one follows a recipe to the point.

This is what you need for a bowlful of gazpacho for four.

7 ripe medium-sized tomatoes
2 red peppers
half a cucumber
one stalk of celery
one glove of garlic
half an onion
one lime (or lemon)
6 dl vegetable stock, cooled
2 tbsp olive oil
a handful of parsley or coriander
tabasco, salt and pepper

1 Scald the tomatoes (dip them into hot water and peel them). Wash and de-seed the peppers. Put the tomatoes and peppers in the kitchen aid.
2 Peel the cucumber and dice it, the celery, onion and garlic.
3 Mix the crushed tomatoes and pepper mix with the vegetable stock. Add the lime and parsley. Add the olive oil.
4 Mix in the rest of the ingredients. Taste and add salt, pepper and tabasco.
5 Refrigerate and serve well-cooled. You can even put some ice cubes into the soup.

Enjoy with roasted bread and water.
I remember hearing or reading somewhere of a garden party with gazpacho spiced up with vodka. Don’t know how that would work. I’d rather have the fresh soup as it is and enjoy the fragrances.




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2 responses to “Cooling Gazpacho

  1. We, too, have been enjoying our cold soup. It has been wickedly hot here in the States, and in our southern area VERY hot already. Luckily, our cucumbers and tomatoes are already being put to good use!

    • I guess our heat is nothing compared with yours. Cucumber and yogurt with chilly, garlic and mint make a soup almost as good as gazpacho. A classic cold soup this too.