Summer in Helsinki with Rosemary, Sage and Thyme

We are living the last days of summer. This has been a very different one. No long days and weeks at the cottage, no vegetable or herb garden to water and no trip to Italy. And still, it has been a good one and very enjoyable.

We experienced Italy in April and learnt a lot. In fact loads of Italian and art history. We spent Easter near Sorrento and lived in a place kept by a sisterhood of San Vincenzo.

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In May our balcony turned into a garden, not an Italian one and not into an oasis, but a garden with flowers and herbs. Just noticed that we have parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme exactly what Simon and Garfunkel sang about. Other than that we also have peppermint, lemon thyme and huge basil. On May 1 we got two lovely pots of violets, yellow and velvety blue, and they are still in full bloom. I even took some of the plants out. The money plants just love it. Now I can’t wait to see where the good fortune is coming from and when;-).

Italy came to us with an exchange student. We had a lovely three summery weeks of cultural exchange. A darling girl with fresh ideas and breezes from Rome. Also of the food culture with e.g. Bucatini Amatriciana (tomatoes, smoked pig cheek and pecorino).

At the end of the summer I can say that we have experienced and seen quite much this summer this summer and especially enjoyed Helsinki, our hometown and World Culture Capital 2012.


Huvilakatu, one of the Southernmost streets of Helsinki.

The town has hosted and still hosts many cultural event. The night of arts on August 23 was a blast. The Helsinki Festival has a very wide range of events from clubs to opera premiers. Art goes Kapakka (restaurant) is also on. We experienced a most unusual dinner the other day when there were 95 choirs in Helsinki. There were five choirs performing in Restaurant Kosmos during our dinner. Quite nice actually, they sang mostly traditional Finnish songs.


Dinner at Restaurant Kosmos: Sausages of Sweetbread with Root Vegetable Fondant and Chateubriand with Madeira Sauce and Baked Potatoe.


Restaurant Lasipalatsi                                        Helsinki Music Centre

The Song Trees (aka the giant pike) by Reijo Hukkanen in front of the Music Centre and the Finnish Parliament (background).


KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art     Interactive art in the city.

A Taste of Ballet on the Rooftop and the Kamppi Chapel of Silence.

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