Day 3 from Gonzar to Palas de Rei

 We stayed at Casa Garcia in Gonzar and it was full with the last one to arrive on a mattress in the lounge.
We enjoyed half of the Menu Peregrino in Gonzar and left early towards Palas de Rei.

As we arrived in Palas de Rei there was a funeral in the church. The flower arrangements were huge.

We set to find a pension and found Casa Curro after checking out another private pension. There the room was above the bar and there was no lock on the door. The Curro had a restaurant and rooms in two buildings. We did not have a booking, as many others did, so we got a room at the back and the view of the washing lines. Thus we decided to do some laundry.
It was so lovely to have the luxury of fresh towels, sheets and a bathroom of your own!

In the evening we enjoyed the menu peregrino with caldo galleg0 (vegetable soup with beans) and merluza (hake). I thought there was cabbage in the soup because there were fields of leaf cabbage all over the place along the path. Now that I google for caldo gallego recipes I see that it is spinach they put in it and ham.



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