Day 4 Palas de Rei to Melide

The walk of the day was easy. Much easier than that of the previous day and not that long either.
We had enjoyed a lovely good night’s sleep at the pension in Palas de Rei and we good and ready to walk. I think I slept in o ne position and for nine hours.


The path was downhills, river beds, tiny villages ones, horses, cows and pilgrims, peregrinos. More peregrinos each day.

We found a place to stay easy and were happy that the rooms were smaller. An Italian couple had already settled in. It was nice to talk Italian for a change and the lady was especially happy to meet someone who could speak the language. Well, I was flattered my Italian is still quite basic.

We set to town after showering and a good nap. Melide had been advertised for pulpo, octopus, and we’d already seen the famous pulperia on our way into to town. We set the course toward Ezelkiel pupleria and met our Canadian friends on the way there. We had dinner together or perhaps I should write that we sampled the pulpo together. Later on we went for dessert in a cafe. It was loads of fun and a lot of laughing. We had a really good time. The only thing that we had to creep into the hostel, everyone was already asleep as we got in half past nine.




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