First Leg from Sarria to O’Mirallos

The first target was to walk12 km. The landscapes were beautiful, first up and down, stoned path and gravel, over small rivers and through tiny meadows. Then the path started to rise, and rise and we thought it would never end. There were a couple of steep raises and at the end of the day we’d climbed from 443 m to 659. I don’t know if it much but for us it was! Perhaps it was because of the late lunch in Morgade we thought we’d never make it to the next hostel (alberque).

It was partly cloudy as we started and it got sunnier and sunnier all the time. The landscape was dry and the pilgrims sweaty but happy. Sarria is the most popular starting point so there were many other ‘beginners’. The path was at times lined with stone walls, barber wire fence and loads and loads of blackberry bushes. So much berries – could not help but help ourselves. It was also rather crowded and full of chatter. A bit too full in our taste. I thought I could not always hear my thoughts but… It was the first day and I guessed it would take some days to get tuned in to a pilgrimage mood.

We did in the end make it to our destination and actually a bit past it. We chose to stay at a public hostel in O’Mirallos with a big hall for 20 for 5 €. Soon we discovered how a shower can do wonders. Were as good as new after showering, slipping into clean clothes and a bit of a lie down.

The alberque got busy and we were 9 there in the end. We’d had a late start at 10 in Sarria and finished already at 2 and there were quite many continuing still. It was nice to sit on the terrace and greet and watch the passers by. We got to know the two other female quests – a Finn to our surprise and a young lady from Hongkong whom we’d meet several times again during our journey. It is strange – or is it – to see how you just connect so easily with some people.

The menu peregrino was good and the portions huge: pasta soup with vegetables, shrimp and clams for starters, chicken filets with French fries for the main and tarte de Santiago for dessert.
The day had been good. There had been moments of anticipation, lots of excitement, not everything had gone as expected but all in all we were happy to finish the day. There’d been so many Buen Camino greetings back and forth so we were simply happy to crawl into bed and sleeping bags. To our surprise everyone was in bed at 9:15 pm and happy to call it a day.

It turned out to be one noisy evening…. I did not get much sleep because of the noisy Spaniards. I’d never even thought that it would be a problem to fall asleep after hours of trekking. I’d imagined one would simply be dead tired.






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