Day 5 in Melide


On our Way we had a day off in Melide. We had walked for four days and it was time to rest. Melide was our choice because it was a bit bigger than most of the villages along the way. Also, thee camino guide recommended the historical sights: the museum and churches.

The first night we stayed in a private albergue on the outskirts of the town. A simple hostel with smallish rooms. We were only 12 in a room. For the second night we booked into a pension, Pension Berengueal. We ‘moved’ to the pension in the morning and it was very luxurious to have the room for 24 hours. A nice clean and modern room with wi-fi! I enjoyed the Internet and my sister took a two-hour nap in the afternoon.

It was an extremely hot day and after checking out the churches and the historical museum in the morning we just did what we always did, people watching.

My sister is an eager knitter and her hands were longing to work. So, she got herself woolen thread and knitting needles, and started to knit camino socks. This is how we met a Finnish pilgrim, the knitting caught her attention. At first she walked by and then she started to laugh. She came back and apologised for the laughing and asked if she could take a picture. Then we discovered that we were all Finnish.

She was the first pilgrim with a glow, her face was glowing and she was so full of joy and good spirits. She’d been walking the Northern Way and Melide is where the French and the Northern Ways meets.   We had a lovely chat. I will always remember her huge smile and open heart.




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