Day 6 Country Side Idyll in Ribadiso

Day six took us from Melide to Ribadiso. We decided to take it easy and walk just a short distance of about 12 km. It was an easy journey thanks to the day off and the good night sleep at Pension Beringuela. A wonderful pension, very good value for money. The churros with hot chocolate gave us energy to the brisk walk.

The path took us again up and down to river meadows. We saw and even met many cows and shepherds with dogs on the way. The houses and farms seemed to be better kept and wealthier than earlier. The day could not be better, lots of sun no clouds.

Albergue de Ribadiso is the place where we stayed. It is a lovely place situated by River Rio Iso by a Roman bridge. The estate is a former hospital and today a hostel. The stone buildings are beautifully refurbished. The surroundings were lovely and we spent the afternoon happily sitting and watching the river, the cows and other pilgrims passing by. It was too hot for sunbathing.

After the meal we wanted to take a stroll over to the other side of the bridge and were met by a herd of cows. We backed up and I stood in the gateway to the alberque taking photos. One of the cows strayed and wanted to get in!!!

We had another menu peregrino and hit the bed early so that we could wake up early – see the stars and the sunrise. We were quite many there but it was a quiet night.

Sunrise in Melide. For now I do not have any other pictures to upload because they’re on my cell phone that does not communicate with WordPress.




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