Day 7 from Ribadiso to Arca

Up at 5:30 and walking in the dark at seven. A Sunday morning and no coffee bars open. Had to walk quite long, all the way to Arzua to find the first cafes. Then we did not want to go in because the sun was to quite up yet, we were afraid of missing it.
The morning was cloudy and we could see beautiful colours and cloud formations. By the time the sun was up it was cloudy.

It was a very long walk and the rise from Ribadiso to Arzua was quite a lot. There were not any cafes open in the countryside but finally we walked by a stall with coffee, fruit and cakes.
It was a lovely taverna to be (no licence just yet) on a hill kept by a German from Mallorca. His stall welcomed pilgrims to sit in the garden under apple trees. Lovely. Met nice people from Ireland, and talked about Mannerheim and the war compensations. Met up with the two Swedes walking the Northern way and had a good chat with them. Met more Finns. Two sisters with the third one on bike (on another route) and one daughter. We would run into them many times.

We walked much more than planned because we could not find a suitable place before Arca. There were some albergues but they were in the middle of no where and we did not carry any food. Finally, after 5 or 6 hours we arrived in Arca and booked into a local Xunta. Enjoyed the accommodation with 100 others at the price of 5 euro. It was not bad – quite peaceful actually.
I was really pooped after the long walk. The shower helped, again, and food too. I can’ t remember when I’d last been so tired. Constant yawning from 6 pm on!

There are more and more people on the road. Also more and more with tiny back packs. I’m trying not to get irritated. Most people are really nice and I feel we cheer each other with the Buen Camino greetings. We are meeting same people over and over again. It is strange to see that we are all here on the way. We have the same destinations but are all walking and doing our own thing. It is easy to follow the shells and the posts, Santiago is getting closer.

I’m lapping behind with my blog diary because of the non-exciting Internet connections. I see and have heard that some friends are following our journey. It would be great to read any messages. You know you can join in the comments even without a WordPress account.


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