Forest Walk and Santiago in Fog

In Arca we got up early in the morning. Everyone else seemed to be extra early too and you did not have to mind about waking others. We started the journey and searched for the way out of the town. There were others too. Soon we started to follow an elderly couple who were joined by another couple. More people joined the group and we were nine walking together in the morning fog. We had read that the first leg would be in an eucalyptus forest.

It was easy to follow others. It was also quite exciting and surreal. The old man was leading the group with a cross and a shell on top of his stick (or on his pilgrim staff). We could see him leading the way and a torch would light the cross. It was a brisk walk of an hour or so. The pace was fast but it kept us warm. The fog was really thick and you could almost feel the rain drops in it.

I would not have walked that leg alone with my sister in that fog. It was too unreal, too thick a fog and too scary. Now, walking in the group I was not frightened at all. It was sure the old man knew the way and we trusted I’m.



The fog did not vanish but got lighter. We could see the path but not very far. We passed the airport quite near and could hear the airplanes landing, and would see them very near above us. Unbeliavable how close to the airport the path goes. I guess they just built the airport next to the camino!
The fog was still thick when we reached Monte Gozo around 10 or 10:30 and thus we did not  see Santiago at a distance and could not take photos there.

It was already a good way into the town when we saw the first glimpse of the cathedral. Here too, it was easy to follow the path, the shells and yellow arrows.

We reached the town just a bit after 12 and realised the mass had already started. We would have to wait until the following day. I was happy to be there but in a way disappointed because I was not overcome by any overwhelming feelings. Strange. I’d been waiting for the journey for so long and had so very much looked forward to arriving in Santiago. I needed to wait until the mass.


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