Warming Carrot Soup


It is getting cold and a lunch soup is a perfect way to warm you up. We love carrots and prepare them in different ways. This is one of my favourite recipes. It originates in a Finnish magazine, Gloria, quite many years ago and it was an India-inspired recipe for a cold starter soup. I have cut down the list of ingredients and spices, and I’ve always served it as a hot lunch. If you change the chicken stock into vegetable one you have a vegetarian soup. Thinking of all the changes, I think I can call it my soup.

This recipe is for four largish lunch portions.

600 g carrots
400 g onions
2 tbsp olive oil
4 cloves of garlic
1/2 l water
1 chicken stock cube (or vegetable stock)
1 tsp curry
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp honey
1 dl white wine (or lemon juice and water)
2 tsp dried basil
black pepper and salt
1/2 dried chilli pepper
a dash of double cream or sour cream

1 Peel and slice the carrots, garlic and onions. Saute them in the oil.
2 Cook the water and add to the pan little by little. Let the pot simmer for half an hour.
3 Add the chicken or vegetable stock. Let simmer for another half an hour.
4 Add the wine and spices and puree the soup in a food processor or a blender. Let the soup come to a boil. Taste and add spices if needed.

Remember that dried chilli gives more taste the longer you cook it. If your soup is too thick you can add a dash of boiling water or cream. Add a dash of cream on top of each plate as you serve the soup and create swirl with a teaspoon . Alternatively you can serve sour cream in a bowl and everyone can help themselves to it. I often cut out the cream altogether to make it lighter but then again I serve fresh home-baked bread with butter to the soup. This time it was foccacia with dried tomatoes (see the recipe …).

There is more to the soup.  It has cured me from avoiding French onion soup. Long ago, as a student, I was a vegetarian and would fast a couple of times a year. A fast was some type of detox week and it would include intake of nutrition only in liquid form. It was herbal tea, fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable stock I would drink. The organic vegetable stock that was to be eaten luke warm with a spoon (think, today I’d never do it!) had a very strong flavour and odour of onion, hence the hatred of onion soup. After the feasting the smell of onion sop would turn my stomach. This recipe has cured me as the onions are often quite strong and fill the kitchen with a strong odour. I have, mind you, changed to another make of vegetable stock cubes.


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