Dahl with Spinach

This Indian inspired pot with spinach and lentils is easy to make. tasty and brings variation to curries. The first recipe I tried came from the food pages of our national paper, Helsingin Sanomat, but now the one I make has been inspired by many other recipes.
Lentils were a regular part of my diet when I was vegetarian and I used to cook this quite often. Thus this takes me down to memory lane – to the 90′.

This recipe is good for four hungry people

2 dl green lentils, pre rinsed and pre-cooked for 20 minutes
1 onion and spring onion with stems
3 garlic gloves
a packet of frozen spinach or 200 of fresh
a handful of cherry tomatoes
oil, cloves, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, chilli flakes, salt

Chop the onions and let simmer in oil for a minute or two. Grind the spices lightly in a mortar and add to the mixture. Add the spinach and lentils. Cook at a moderate temperature for 10 minutes.

Serve with rice or bulgur that you cook while the pot is cooking.
Make yoghurt lass and Nan bread, and serve them with the dish. They’ll help you cool your mouth.
I make the lass by throwing in some yoghurt, fresh or dried mint leaves and grated cucumber.


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