Entrecote and Asparagus

I have had an out of ordinary Saturday today. Started the day in a seminar downtown meeting colleagues and learning about the challenges in the school world of tomorrow. Had lunch at the seminar venue, in good company, and rushed home to meet two of my favourites in the family. We had not seen for ages!
Rushed to the grocery store to shop for the coming week and realised that we only had 20 minutes on us. Before they closed! All is well when end is well – the fridge is full.

And we now have our bellies full of tasty meat, crisp asparagus, salad and mayo. All this accompanied by delicious wine. Good and and simple tastes.

Buy two tasty entrecôte steaks at your butcher’s. Let them ‘warm’ to room temperature before frying them. Heat a pan, add some butter and cook the steaks on high temperature for a couple of minutes each side. This should result in rare and beautifully pink steaks but it depends of course on the thickness of the steaks.
(No picture today, sorry! Was so hungry.)

Get a nice bundle of asparagus. Rinse it and cook in lightly salted water with a dash of white wine vinegar. Cook for 4-5 minutes leaving the asparagus al dente.

Mayo with lemon and parsley
Mix 2 tbsp of mayonnaise with lemon zest of half a lemon and 1 tbsp of chopped parsley.

Mix baby spinach, lettuce and halved cherry tomatoes into a salad.

Enjoy! And have a lovely evening.




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