Barbeque Ribs with Fried Tomatoes and Melon Salad

My husband decided to to treat us with one of his favourites – barbeque ribs. This recipe comes from Michael Björklund’s Min nordiska mat cookbook, and is especially delicious.

You need about 350 g of ribs per person. We got 1.5 kg for four persons.
First, you cook the ribs in water with two onions. You can make the barbeque sauce while the meat is cooking (ca 20 minutes).
You need to let the meat cool before pasting it with the sauce and grilling it.

2 dl honey, 1/2 dl syrup, 1/2 espresso, 2 tbsp mild chilly sauce, 1 tbsp salt
Cook the ingredients and let it cool.

Paste the meat with the sauce and grill for 15 min or until the ribs are done.

Fried Tomatoes
300 – 500 g cherry tomatoes
olive oil
2 slices of bread
salt, pepper

Dice the bread slices and fry in olive oil. Halve the tomatoes and add to the pan. Let fry for a couple of minutes.
Place in a large pan and sprinkle with olive oil.

Melon Salad
A chunk of water melon and honeydew melon, rucola (rocket) salad, 150 – 200 g halloumi cheese
Dice the melon and chop the rucola. Dice the halloumi cheese and grill until brown. Mix the cheese into the salad.
Add olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste.

You can also serve boiled potatoes as a side dish – they are a must at Midsummer!


The tomato salad recipe is modified from Tina Nordström’s recipe in a recent issue of ELLE Mat & Vin.


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