Urban Nature with Surprises

You can meet many kinds of creatures on your morning walks. What do you know?
I took a walk to the river bank heading towards Sikosaari nature reserve and met these guys.


Have to admit that I was taken by surprise when seeing this heard of Highland cattle in their pasture. It was odd and reminded me of paintings of cows. Victor Westerholm, a Finnish painter in the late 19th century and founder of the Önningeby artist colony in Åland. Westerholm is known for painting pasture landscapes and his work is well esteemed today. He did, after all,  found the one and only Finnish artist colony.


I had not met my destination, Sikosaari, when starting to shoot the cattle but was not even half way there. Once again I started on the path towards the nature reserve through the long road, the empty boat yards, met some cars driving to town and made it to a bridge and then to a second bridge. I could see the birdwatching towers and the lamp posts leading the midst of the reserve but decided not to make it into a half-a-day walk and turned back. Next time I’ll walk or cycle to one of the towers.

There was a swan couple with one duckling – not an ugly one.




Check these pages if you are near or plan to visit Porvoo, Finland.

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Nature trails: http://www.porvoo.fi/en/our__services/nature_and_environment/nature_trails#Sikosaari


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