Currants and Rhubarb from My Garden

I just love my new garden. It gives me joy each day. This morning I started with coffee and rhubarb muffins under the apple trees. Noticed that the first cherries had ripened and tasted the first one – it was quite bitter!

Picked a bucketful of red currants yesterday and started the day by cooking red currant drink. It had been ages since I did this. Had to ask Mom, borrow her cooker and ask for measures, how much sugar per kilo of berries. All the berries are early this summer, thanks the heat. The currants usually ripen in August and I remember having had to pick a bucket each day after school the first school weeks. Now I do not mind it at all.

For each kilo of berries you need 300-500 kg caster sugar and about half a litre water. I use a steam cooker and let the cooker be on for about an hour when cooking a full batch that is ca. 4 kg.
You can bottle directly from the cooker or boil all the drink to make a batch that is even in sugar. The drink is diluted to taste when served.

Today as I checked the other bushes, white and black currant, goose berries and raspberries, I noticed that the whites and blacks would be ripe in less than a week.

I’ve already cooked several batches is rhubarb drink.
This is what you need for 1.5 litres: a kilo of rhubarb, a half a litre of water, 4 tablespoons of sugar and rind of half a lemon. This is what you do: Cook the rhubarb until it is soft, sieve it and mix in the sugar. Put the lemon rind in the bottles and fill them up. Keep in the fridge or cellar. Dilute to taste – I like it strong half and half with water. This drink makes excellent Popsicles with fresh raspberries.

Next I’ll try to cook a rhubarb and strawberry drink and re-invent my rhubarb-cinnamon jelly.





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