Scare Birds of Waste

We are worried about birds eating all the berries and have thought of bird and eye-friendly ways of scaring them. Fieldfares are the worst problem. They are all over and make a lot of noise. It seems like they are messaging to all the neighbourhood that the cherries are ready!

We do not want to hang bright green nets on the bushes and then find half dead birds tangled in them. Scarecrows are not a pleasure for the eye either and we wanted something prettier and smaller. Some friends have these scare cats in their gardens – cat faces of steel with blinking eyes of crystal – and some have hung cds to scare the  birds.

20130707-160317.jpg A Christmas decoration given and made by my sister K gave me an idea for the scares. I used more of less the same materials – crystals from an old chandelier and metal wire.

20130707-160324.jpg You need also cutters to cut the wire – do not ruin your scissors!

20130707-160331.jpg I hang the scares on small branches so that they dangle in the wind and spread light – frighten all the birds! Let’s see if they work.

20130707-160339.jpg Have to say the scares are pretty. I bet they are even prettier in the autumn with lanterns lit.


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