Summer in the Garden

A fellow blogger at introduced a new summer drink and I had to try it. The drink has become popular in South Europe this summer thanks to the low alcohol content. Martini’s dry vermouth with a slice of lemon and lots of ice is my favourite summer aperitif but this Aperol sounded good.

AperoI is an Italian bitter quite like Campari but sweeter and milder (11%). The colour is of artificial substance not of cochineal insects where Campari first got its distinctive red colour. To my knowledge the insects are no longer used in Campari either, thus both the drinks are suitable for vegetarians too!

There are a couple of recipes on the bottle – Aperol 2/5, soda 1/5 and sparkling wine 2/5 is what we tried. The guys added 2 cl gin to each drink. I was happy with the drink although I think that sparkling wine and champagne are best as such.

It is July and nasturtium and marigold are blooming. I’m using them both in salads too.
Salad of marigold, nasturtium, lettuce, Roman salad, mangold and rucola – enjoy with good olive oil.





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