Banana Pancakes

One of my nieces has been talking all spring and summer about banana-blueberry pancakes and how delicious they are. I had to ask if the banana and blueberry are mixed into the batter or not. The banana is but not the berries.

I decided to try to make them like this:
1 banana, smashed with a fork
2 dl milk, 1 egg
1 dl flour, 2 tbsp almond powder
a dash of salt
1 tbsp melted butter

Mix the milk and egg. Add the rest of the ingredients and let settle for 10 minutes. Fry golden brown in butter. Serve with blueberries, jam or coconut flakes.

The pancakes were delicious, especially with coconut flakes. The batter was a bit different from regular pancakes and at first I could not flip them properly. Our very sensitive fire alarm went on twice as I was frying the pancakes so might next time frying them on an electric burner instead of the gas.


Afterwards I googled for recipes and found many with only banana and eggs. Something of a health food for sport enthusiasts. It also seems that the taste divides people, some love them some hate them. How about you?
Have a lovely Sunday!


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