Risotto di Farro

We discovered a new type of wheat on a recent visit to Malmgård, a manor house and brewery. The wheat is called farro or emmer, and it is an ancient type of wheat today still cultivated in
mountaneous areas of e.g. Morocco, Albania, Switzerland, the Czech republic and Spain but then again quite common in Italy and available in most super markets. Well, this was all new to me.

The farro we got is grown locally and an organic produce. The farming land has been in the same family for centuries and today they grow grain for their brewery and a line of organic produce for food stuffs. The farm store is lovely. There are so many fine things there. As we visited the store we also had a chance to see the manor house, the residence of Count Creuz, and the brewery of course.

The faro came into use yesterday when one of my sisters was visiting. She is and has been vegetarian and pro-organic everything for decades. We all enjoyed the risotto very much. The recipe comes from Michael Björklund, and I changed it a bit, as always, according to what was in the fridge.

This is a recipe for four:
2.5 dl farro grains
0.5 l water
1 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, 1 clove of garlic
1dl vegetable stock
0.5 dl beer
1 dl creamy cheese, grated
2 tbsp butter
fresh dragon and basil

Take out a large skillet and a small pot. Pre-cook the farro for about 10 minutes.
Sautée the onion and garlic in olive oil. Add the farro. Pour in the vegetable stock. Cook on low heat and add the water little by little until al dente.
Add the beer. Stir in the cheese and the herbs. Serve immediately.

As side dish we had some roast beef for the non-vegetarians and a salad of beet root and feta cheese (baked and sliced beet root, vinegar and oil, feta cheese, garlic and pine nuts).

The risotto, emmerotto, was so good – I almost forgot to shoot it!





Malmgård Brewery Ltd is the name, they produce genuine craft brews. This Blond Ale is one of them. The place is also called Malmgård and situated some 70 km east of Helsinki (www.malmgard.fi)


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