Autumn Blues

October is here and we’ve already had our first frost nights. The salad greens and herbs have survived the cold. It should not be this cold this time of year.

The forest is full of mushrooms. Have found and picked some and cooked canneloni, mushroom pasta and risotto. Have also found some quite good pumpkins for risotto but have not seen any butternut squash yet. I find myself going back to my ‘old’ recipes and not trying out new ones. Hence the lack of posts here, sorry! Then again, cooking is about seasons and traditions. Why should we invent new all the time.

Autumn is a busy season at work, new students and new courses, lots to do and many new faces. I love my work but at times I feel like having a bit slower pace.
I’m heading out for a seminar on language acquisition tomorrow. Let’s see if I find new inspiration, new breezes in Stockholm.





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