Home-made Christmas Parcels

It is nearly Christmas and the Christmas break has begun. This year we wont’t be having a white Christmas but hoppfullt a ver memorable one. We will spend Christmas Eve here at home with some of the family. Most of the family was ovet last Saturday, the house was full it it’s mouth and ears … Of people, laughter, hugs & kisses and good food.

The students backed their bags and headed home to their families last week leaving the campus empy. The Christmas break started on Friday and now it’s time to xx the magic wan so that Christmas would be here. It is just around the corner. Plenty of spirits already – Just need some lights, smells and tastes. Parcels of cookies, biscuits and pears are on their way… A bit different than last year.

Savoury Parmesan biscuits, meringues, red velvet crumble cookies (from a recent post of Love and cupcakes blog) and Pears in Saffron.






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