Christmas Pizza

Now after three days of traditional Christmas goodies it is time for some untraditional Christmas food. Pizza time!
Although, I remember a special Christmas in the early 80’s when we enjoyed Valentino’s extra delicious pizzas from Lincoln, Nebraska!

Our pizza today has a topping of sautéed kale and red onions, Parma ham, blue cheese and grated Parmesan. Yummy!
Kale goes incredibly well with the ham and gives that tiny special taste. Thanks for the tip!

Here you have my best recipe for pizza bottom. This makes two thin and round pizzas:
2,5 dl water, a sachet of dried yeast, 6 dl flour and 2 tbsp olive oil.
I spread some tomato sauce and olive oil on the bottoms, and then put the toppings on. Bake in 220-250 C for about 12 min.





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2 responses to “Christmas Pizza

  1. I love pizza. That looks divine!