Peerless Pears

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I’ve often admired the classic  dessert with pears poached in red wine. I have seen many pictures and seen them on menus but never tasted nor attempted to make them. I had never even read one single recipe on how to make them.
But them I saw a variation with saffron made on TV!

This was in the Jul med Ernst programme just a week before Christmas. Ernst is a Swedish interior designer and DIY man who evan has his own maganzine. He has summer and Christmas programmes the Swedish TV, each with  3 – 4 episodes. In the summer programme he usually refurbishes an old building, an rangery this year,  and in the Christmas programme he will lay the table for the holidays – baking, cooking and decorating.

The saffron pears seem to be quite popular in Sweden as I could find many recipes on th net. Some cooks prefer them with saffron and sugar while others add lemon, pear brandy, star anise, cardamom and/or vanilla.

Ernest’s recipe came with the liqueur and cardamom. I used Calvados, cardamom and anise, and stored the pears for two days.
6 ripe pears
5 dl water
5 dl caster sugar
1 g saffron
10 cardamom seeds
3 star anise
0,5 dl Calvados
2 tsp atamon, liquid preservative for canned fruit

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Peel the pears leaving some of the peel on the top with the stem.
Take out a large pan and bring the water and sugar to boil. Add the saffron, Calvados and preservative.
Place the pears in the pan and boil them on low heat until done (ca 15 min).
Place the pears into a jar and pour the liquid over the pears.
Store in a cool place.
Serve with loose whipped cream flavoured with vanilla.

Under this link you’ll find Ernest’s recipe in Swedish



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