Home-made Charred Baltic Herring


In colder weather we have lit the stove and this has made my husband crave for charred fish. And the other day when I run across the fish griller in the basement, I finally had to go and check out if the local fish monger’s had any fresh Baltic herring. They did indeed and we prepared a dish that took us both back the memory lane .
My grandpa would always make charred Baltic herring in the tile oven in the hallway. It is the smell of charred fish that takes me back to childhood, memories of taste. We would often make them at the open fire place at home. This was an easy and so delicious meal to make after sauna. We got a charring iron for the cottage and forgot it in the basement when moving.

This dish is so easy to make, you only need fish and salt. We are quite happy to eat the fish with bones and all. With fingers! I prefer to have the fish with their heads on. They look much prettier that way but this time I could get only ones that had been cleaned and decapitated.

This is what you need for four.

700 g Baltic herring
1 tsp salt
Charring iron
Heat a stove and let the wood get charred. Place the fish in the griller and sprinkle with salt. Charr the fish for about 5 minutes on both sides.

Serve as such with water or lager. Serving the fish with potatoes, green salad, eggs and cucumber makes. the dish more of a meal.







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2 responses to “Home-made Charred Baltic Herring

  1. Thanks for liking my post! This herring looks amazing! Not sure if we’d have herring in our local stores, but perhaps I could try a different fish. Sounds great!

    • Thanks, you too.! Yes, you can certainly try other fish. The smaller the tastier. We used last vendace. Sardines and perch even salmon would go well. The bigger the fish the longer cooking time.