Mexican Brunch, Zum Beispiel


It is a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun has not been out for days – the spring is here. There is practically no snow although it is only 1 March!

A lovely morning indeed! We’ve lived here in Porvoo for almost a year and not have we gotten around to having brunch out. Even today we were close not to because the vendace and white fish from the local fish monger’s tempted us to stay home. They will have wait until this evening and tomorrow.

Decidedly we headed towards Zum Beispiel, a deli in the old town specialized in local and organic produce. Mexican brunch was what we had in mind. It is a short walk and even a shorter drive as the restaurant is right there in Välikatu where the pedestrian street begins. A few minutes from the old town square and five minutes to the cathedral.

A marvellous idea and an excellent brunch! The place was packed yet the service quick and smooth. The food was served to the table and the coffee and breads were on self-service. The restaurant was packed with couples in different ages, families with small, teenage and older children, groups of girlfriends even though it was only 11:30.

The first plate was a mix of sweet and savoury – organic salami and goat cheese, a croissant with jam and fresh fruit. All that with freshly squeezed orange juice and organic Yirgacheffe coffee from The second plate was the Mexican one – Mexican omelette with Oaxaca cheese and refried beans; lime pepinos, carrot salsa, guacamole and achiota totopos, freshly made sausage and cherry tomatoes, whipped coconut cream and water melon. The afters or the third plate, if you like, was a home-made rhubarb pie or cheese cake.


So delicious and tasty! Can’t remember when I last ate this much at lunch time and took the time to enjoy a long lunch. This is a place we definitely will take some friends when they come and visit us.

Check out what else Zum Beispiel has to offer at
and in case you’ve not visited Porvoo, have a peak at



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