Rack of Lamb with Salsa Verde and Beluga Lentils

This is year I decided to try something new for Easter and tried the recipe in advance. Until now I’d never tried to cook a rack of lamb but many other parts of the lamb e.g. lamb shanks, leg of lamb and lamb steak. Chopping the rack into chops might not be the right way to cook it but I followed the recipe, one in the recent issue of Elle mat & vin. As usual I changed some of the recipe: halved the lentil recipe, put anchovy instead of sardines in the salsa.

These recipes are for two

Salsa Verde
a large handful basil, mint and parsley (a handful each)
4 anchovy fillets, 1 clove of garlic, 3 tbsp capers, 1.5 dl olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a kitchen-aid or a blender. Refrigerate for a day to allow the taste to deepen. This what you need: a large handful of each herb : Basil, peppermint and parsley; 4 anchovy fillets, 1 clove of garlic,
3 tbsp capers, 1.5 dl olive oil


Beluga Lentils
1.5 dl Beluga lentils
1 garlic clove, 1 tomato, a cube of beef stock, a twig of rosemary, 4 tbsp olive oil

Cook the lentils with all the ingredients and 4 dl water for 20 minutes or until done. Add 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar or crema di balsamico just before serving.

Rack of lamb

800 lamb racks, cut into chops
olive oil, 1 lemon, salt and black pepper

Slice the lemon and put on a hot pan with olive oil. Cook the chops in olive oil 2-3 minutes both sides. This leaves the meat pink and tender. Do this once you have everything else ready. Place the chops on a serving plate with the cooked lemon and decorate mint leaves. Serve with salsa verde and beluga lentils.





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3 responses to “Rack of Lamb with Salsa Verde and Beluga Lentils

  1. Nam, nam! Delicious, Liisa! Greeks love lamb at Easter!

    • Thanks, Chryssa. Just read in Hesari about red Greek Easter eggs. Do you make them?

      • I don’t have the special colour to dye them red (it is sold in all Greek supermarkets for pennies). But I am now researching how to dye them in a natural way using skins of yellow onions!