+52 hrs in Copenhagen

This post gives ideas on where to eat in Copenhagen.  All the places were chosen randomly but the 42RAW, and the ground for the selecting the places were the apparent popularity by natives which is always a guarantee of good food, appearance and ambience and the menu of course. The vegetarian restaurant, 42 RAW, was recommended by one of my students who has stayed in Copenhagen after an exchange semester and an internship in the Copenhagen fashion week. All the cafés and restaurants mentioned are moderately priced but Café Europa at Amagertorv.

The lovely Copenhagen was the destination of a recent ‘weekend outing’. I’d participated a training course near the city and thus we decided to enjoy an early summer weekend in Copenhagen.


We had our Sunday morning breakfast at Cafe Gavlen V on Ravensborggade in Norrebro. This is the street for the flea markets, they even have their own website http://www.ravnsborggade.dk/FLEA.MARKET.php
They are at the corner of Ravenborggade and Ryesgade. The coffees were delicious and the breakfast platter good, the croissants fluffy and good just as they should. There were four varieties of morgonmad/breakfast platters and they well all very reasonable priced from 53 – 103 DKK (7 – 14 €).

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Sunday is was time for Torvehallerne, food halls next door to Norrebro railway and metro station. The food halls are recently refurbished with also outside stalls, cafés and restaurants. One of the hall is dedicated to fish, meat and smorrebrod stands (Danish sandwiches) and the other one to bakeries, cafés, delicacy stalls and flowers. We had our breakfast at Lauras Bakery and the place turned out to be a good choice on a Monday morning as they had a constant flow of customers – some staying, some meeting a friend for a chat and some grabbing a coffee and Danish on the go.

kobenhavn 2014 200

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Mormors is third place that we have tried but it was over a year ago. They are at Bredgade 45 quite near the royal residence of Amalienborg Castle. The interior is old-fashioned and like a granny’s living room. The coffees and teas are tasty and the Danish huge. You have to wait until 11:30 though, if you wish to have your weekend breakfast there.

begravningar o köpis med mus 213
begravningar o köpis med mus 223








Lunch and late lunch

Kalaset or Kaffekalaset at Vendersgade 16 is another place we run into by chance. The restaurant was located near our hotel and we could not help noticing that is was full no matter what time of the day we passed it. It was coffee drinkers in the morning, lunch sandwich eaters around noon, pancake lovers in the mid-afternoon and dinner eaters and wine/beer drinkers in the evening. We headed to this street corner restaurant in early evening. The place was half empty but people started dropping in around six. The interior design is flea market hip combined with grandma’s style. Much old stuff and ‘ancient’ magnetophones and radios as wall decoration. All the tables and chairs were of different make and time-worn.
The burgers we had were delicious. My Las Vegan Burger with falafel and his Barcleona burger with hamburger, mozzarella and Serrano ham were absolutely delicious.
Now that I’m writing this blog I see that one can easily find them on the net e.g on TripAdvisor.

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42RAW is the vegetarian restaurant my student recommended and we are really happy that we went there. It is located on a busy and trendy shopping street Pilestraede at number 32.  On Pilestraede you can find top Danish fashion stores and the very famous HAY design just opposite it. The restaurant is tiny and packed with customers at lunch time. People of all walks of life were enjoying the healthy dishes and drinks and even cakes of this vegan restaurant. The menu offers a multitude of dishes from risotto and zucchini lasagna to salads and smoothies. They believe that food should be served at its most natural state and thus no raw materials are heated above 42 C. Their mission is to change how people eat and think about food.  We tried the risotto with asparagus and truffle oil, cabbage and potato salad with roasted almonds, organic coffee and lemonade with mint & lime.

kobenhavn 2014 212
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Café Europa is perhaps one of the poshest places on Amagetorv, the very centre of the town and along Ströget, the shopping and pedestrian street crossing the centre. This is a café and terrace to be seen at. This time around I enjoyed a  glass of cava with a colleague and the previous visit was a brunch.


Lagkagehuset is yet one more café and bakery to stop at. You can find them at many locations in Copenhagen and elsewhere in Denmark, even at the airport. The bread, cakes and danish are definitely worth tasting.

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