Pasta Pomodoro e Pasta con Salvia

The heat wave is treating us since three weeks back. We no longer seem to remember the record-cold June now that we are living the hottest July in 50 years. I cannot remember when it last was below 20 C, even at night. The coordinates of our town, Porvoo, are 60 24′ 32″ N, so one understands that long heat waves are not typical for our summers.

This weather calls for light food and here come two light pasta recipes.

#1 pasta pomodori della Vittoria – Vittoria’s tomato pasta
This is a very light summery dish with uncooked tomatoes and loads of fresh basil and parsley. Vittoria, my Italian friend gave me this recipe in Italian in a discussion so I hope I got everything right.

This is what you need for four portions
Half a kilo of ripe tomatoes, one clove of garlic, a handful of basil, half a handful of parsley, half a handful of pine nuts, olive oil, Parmesan, a handful of raisins, salt and pepper

Cook the pasta. Dice the tomatoes, press the garlic, mince the herbs and mix together well. Pour in the pasta and pour over abundantly with olive oil. Add the raisins,  pine nuts and some freshly grated Parmesan. Add salt and pepper. Let the dish rest for a while so that the tastes mingle. You can even put it into the fridge and serve as a cool pasta salad.
I left out the raisins because my husband does not like then and I roasted the pine nuts and added them just before serving.

#2 tagliatelli con salvia e burro – Pasta with sage and butter

This dish might not be lighter but it is a very simple but oh so delicious.
For two portions you need:
200 g fresh tagliatelle, 50 g butter and a handful of fresh sage

Cook the pasta. Melt the butter and cook the sage until it becomes crunchy. Pour in the pasta while the heat is still on. Serve immediately.
I might grate a little bit of Parmesan on the plate but absolutely no black pepper because I think it ruins the delicate taste and fragrance of sage.




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