Farmers’ Mini-Market Raakatori

How delightful to have a farmers’ market called Raakatori  just a stone cast away from your front door! We were delighted to discover this tiny shop on our street. They opened in May  and now we have also discovered that they have had a net shop and other points of sale going for longer. They actually have twelve fetching points across southern Finland.

The shop carries local produce, organic vegetables, herbs, eggs and bread as well as organic tea, coffee, canned food, flour and grains, cosmetics, washing detergents and almost anything you can think of. Should they not have an item, they’ll happily order it for you. The selection of the shop is just a fraction of what is on offer online. All the producers are carefully selected.

Raakatori in Porvoo started as a location and fetching point for the net shop and this spring they started having doors open from Thursday to Saturday. They do of course deliver the goods to your door too and alternatively deliveries are made through the national mail service. There are several food circles who order from them and they help you find one near you in case you do not wish to place individual orders.

They are a family business lead by Joonas Pohjanlehto with a small group of close friends as co-owners. There are three generations living together in the same house where the shop is located and two taking care of the business. The youngest ones are also out and about .



Maiju Pohjanlehto has the shop open on Thursdays and Fridays at 3 – 7 pm and on Saturdays 9 – 12 am.



I was delighted to find my favourite tea, Yogi tea, in the shelves. A brand not all shops carry. This was the first time I saw Finnish kale on sale, a favourite since my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella a couple of years back, superfood and one of the trend veggies of the day. My own kale is not doing that well in the kitchen garden and now I know where to get my next bunch for my pizza, salad, caldo Callego or health drink. I’ll definitely have try the coconut water too.

My catch of the day was a bowlfull of lovely zucchini and yellow pear tomatoes that “taste just as delicious as Italian ones” as my husband put it. He is a man who wishes we could buy ripe veggies and fruit in the supermarkets. We often have to have the tomatoes and melons out in room temperature for a week before eating them. Now we know where to shop!
My catch will go to a salad and pizza Bianca.

You’ll find Raakatori at Sibeliuksenbulevardi 19, Porvoo and on the net and on Facebook. You’ll also find them tweeting on Twitter. The pages are in Finnish but  the pictures can certainly help you navigate and browse the selection.





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  1. It is great to buy from farmer’s markets. I love the markets in Helsinki as much as my local ones in Brisbane and our village in Italy.