Crema al Mascarpone con Mirtilli – Blueberry Mascarpone

Desserts with fresh berries are the best and now there is an abundance of them – blueberries, currants, goose berries, raspberries and so on. This dessert comes with Mascarpone, cream, blueberry and Nocciolini di Chivasso, hazelnut cookies from Piedmont, but is made without eggs.


This makes two large portions.

100 g Mascarpone
1 dl double cream
1 tsp vanilla sugar or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp Limoncello or 1 dl sugar
2 dl blueberries
Small handful of nocciolini or other cookies

Whip the cream and mix together with the Mascarpone cheese. Add the vanilla and the Limoncello or sugar.
Build the dessert into small bowls or glasses starting with the Mascarpone mixture. The add some berries and cookies. Top with noccolini and blueberries.
Enjoy instantly. If you refrigerate the dessert take it out the fridge 10 minutes before serving (or according to the temperature). It tastes better if not ice-cold.



We got acquainted with nocciolini through our Italian exchange student last summer when she brought us a package. The nocciolini are a piemontese speciality, tiny tiny merengue like cookies with hazelnut, egg white and sugar that melt in the mouth. The very nocciolini I used are by Bonfante Patisserie – a bar-café, bakery and catering business. The Bonfante in Chivasso dates back to 180 but the nocciolini started to become better know after Luigi Bonfante started driving the business. The café is popular and something of a sight too.They have a wonderful selection of products and lovely pictures both on their homepage and on Facebook.


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