Lovely and Lively Wine & Deli Eloisa

We finally have a wine bar in Porvoo! It is called Eloisa it is also  a deli serving lunch and small tapas in the evenings. There is a pun it the name – Eloise and eloisa meaning lively in Finnish. The deli is located in a tiny old house next to the town hall next door to the market place. This was the location of Porvoo tourist information in the 90’s when I had my first teaching job. It has served other purposes as well but I always remember it as the tourist office.















The wine list looks excellent and comprises a variety of  better known traditional wines such as Barolo and Amarone but also less well-known ones from small wineries and smaller wine producer countries. Wine tasting evenings are also arranged.

The deli is small and has a very cosy atmosphere. The decor, lighting and candles add cosines. The kitchen is open spreading delicious smells into the sitting area. The service is friendly, smooth and professional. The staff knows what they are doing, and everything works well even though they have just opened. The concept seems just right.

A friendly next door deli with excellent wines, teas and coffee, lunch and tapas. We have stepped in twice. The first time we enjoyed late Saturday aperitif with a friend before an evening meal at hour place. The other time,  a Saturday evening meal yesterday. They have just introduced a new menu with musty winter tastes. The slow cook stew with pork neck was excellent.

I think I’ll try the After Work next time. It would be an excellent way to finish the day after e.g. the Italian class on a Wednesday.

Have a look at their website and Facebook page. The website is partly available in Finnish, Swedish, English, Italian and Russian. This is excellent and heart warming!  They seem to be international and multilingual. I should imagine  they also serve their guests in several languages.
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