Santa Lucia and Saffron Buns – Lussekatter

Time for these lovely buns again. ENJOY! And happy Lucia wherever you are.



Today it is Saint Lucy’s Day, Luciadagen (Swedish)! Saint Lucy day is a Scandinavian festival of light and it is of both Christian and pagan tradition as it falls near the winter solstice. Saint Lucia was a Sicilian saint, the patron saint of Syracuse, and lived in the 4th century. There are many legends of her but little scientific proof and in one story she refuses an arranged marriage and the fiance revels her being a Christian, in another she prays for her mother to be cured of an illness and when the mother recovers she becomes a nun and in a third one she gives her eyes for the sake of her love.
Well, Lucia is a celebration of light today. In Sweden and the Swedish speaking Finland a Lucia arrives with a crown of candles and her maids. They come singing and brining the light to the dark winter. She sings Lucia song, a Neapolitan…

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