Stew with Chipotle Chili and Chocolate


Happy New Year! Hope the year will be prosperous.

It has been a while since my last posting, and i certainly have been cooking but not inspired to write anything. The winter has gone day by day and week by week, dealing with illness and ageing in the family, and also work filled days. The holiday season has let us spend much time with our loved ones, and recharge the batteries. Enjoying traditions and reliving past Christmases in many ways. This including memories of taste.

We prepared this delicious stew yesterday, on New Year’s Eve. However, this dish does not take me back in memories other than reading of Mexican novels. A delicious, one of the best ever long-cooked stews with infatuating odour.

This is what you need for a pot for six persons:

1 kg beef, sirloin steak or the like
1 onion, 1 tbsp butter
2 tins of crushed tomatoes
2 bay leaves, 2 sticks of cinnamon, 1 tbsp spice cumin, 1 tsp oregano,
1 chipotle chili, 2 medium strong chilies
100 g chocolate with 70 % cocoa
2 bottles of dark beer/stout
1 lime (juice and zest), salt and pepper
4 dl ( ca 1,5 cups) pre-cooked white beans

Dice the meat and onion. Sauté in butter in a large pan.
Add the tomatoes, beer and the spices. Chop the medium chilli and halve the chipotle. De-seed all the chilies.
Cook on slow heat for three hours. Fish out the chipotle if you do not wish to make the stew too hot.
Chop the chocolate and make some shavings for the garnishing.
Add the beans. Season with lime juice, salt and pepper.
Serve with sour cream garnished with lime zest and chocolate shavings and a good fresh country bread.




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