Turkish Delights in Cappadocia, Part I

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I took a trip with my mother to Cappadocia, Turkey in late November. Cappadocia is famous for the landscapes and its hidden underground cities.  A new underground city was discovered quite recently and the Independent wrote about it on 31 December.

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We could not have chosen a more intriguing and fantastic destination for this low-season journey to Turkey,  a country that is known for spleandid holidays on the Turkish Riviera by the Mediterannean.We wanted to experience a different Turkey, hence we headed for Kappadokia with its hidden valleys.

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The journey was a round-trip by coach and not something that at first sounded like a dream journey. However, we found it ideal and enjoyed having everything planned for us. We were lucky to have an excellent and experienced English speaking guide leading us from the coast of Antalya over the Taurus mountains to Anatolia – to Cappadocia.

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Turkey had long been a rather unattractive destination for me because the unpleasant first  experiences in the harbour of Kusadasi in the mid 80’s. I was very young then and was delighted to hear from my Turkish colleague that he would not take his family there a second time.

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As I already stated, we set out to discover Turkey and a different Turkey. Our programme included sights of culture and nature, history of Christianity and Islam, modern and ancient Turkey. I had acquainted myself with Turkish cuisine and that was to be one of the attractions too

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The first days took us from the resorts of the coast and the sunny Side beach to the wintery Anatolia. Through a snowstorm on the mountains, through fruit and vegetable fields and along the ancient silk road we travelled to the cities of Konya and Aksaray among others and to the province of Nevsehir. We visited the underground cities, the hidden valley of Görume and cave towns and houses, carpet weaveries and potteries, cafés and restaurants, saw traditional folk dances and witness the sema, the ceremony of whirling dervishes.

Stay tuned for more on our trip. My two week winter break has done wonders, now that it is almost over I find energy for writing.



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