Turkish Delights, Part II

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Back to Turkey in the armchair. My photo book arrived last week and took my thoughts back to our trip. This post is dedicated to culinary delights.

All the food served was good, delicious and fresh. There was an abundance of it, always served with a smile. Excellent customer service and hospitality!

Pomegranate is cultivated among the coast and it seems to be the national fruit. You could buy freshly pressed pomegranate juice almost everywhere. Just like orange juice in Spain.
These pictures are from Side beach and the cafe at the Göreme Valley museum.











Pomegrantes and oranges for juice








At one lunch buffet I discovered a delicious salad of bulgur, sesame seed and vinegar made with pomegranate, the staff were kind enough to provide a recipe too. I’ll write another post with my own experiments with the Turkish cuisine.

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The breakfasts the Turks eat are savoury, we were told. Coffee, cheese and olives for example. The hotel breakafast buffets were full of western food too – sweet pastries, celeral, charcutries and even bacon and eggs.I would start my day with a dish of youghurt with dried fruit, nut and seeds and honey. There would be three or four bowls of honey eg rose and thyme honey.

The lunch places were well chosen and we would often start with a hot and spicy vegetarian soup of tomato, lentils and vegetables. The starters were often the mest – different kinds of cold meze, salad and couscous. Fish, chicken and meatballs for the mains. A full selection of sweet things for dessert. Yes, all this for lunch.

feta and spinach pastry








We had our dinners at our hotels and yes, buffet tables it were. Rich and abundant, and mostly on  the vegetarian side. Filled aubergine and pepper, grated carrots, couscous, tomato and cucumber, feta type of cheese, macrill and what not. There would always be large bowls of leaf parsley, mint and water cress to freshen the palate between courses. The mains were as for lunch chicken in various forms, meatballs, goulash and trout. The meal would be finished with a thousand and one things as dessert – soufflé, pannacotta, creme brule, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, sweet pastries to mention a few.










All this lovely food and wonderful tastes at meals through the day helped us survive the coldish weather.

Atlas mountains comfort stop




















There were, of course, comfort stops every now and then along the way. Then we might enjoy Turkish coffee or apple tea. You could also get espresso (3 euros per cup!), burgers and hot dogs but we settled for the local pastries.

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