Hip and Urban in Stockholm

Stockholm, what a lovely city. A multi faceted and bustling city, always a ahead of Helsinki in the foot front. The winter holiday took me there to continue my explorations. Conveniently enough our national paper, Helsingin Sanomat, had an article on trendy restaurants the previous Saturday.

The cafes and restaurants, the food blogs, chefs and glossy food magazines seem to spot the trends before they land on this side of the Baltic – to the Eastern country, Finland. We were the eastern part of Sweden for several decades until 1809, hence the reference (Östland = Eastern country).

Urban Deli

Urban Deli (Nytorget, Södermalm) is said to be full from opening to closing. We were happy to enter the bustling restaurant on a late Saturday afternoon. There was a queue and we could wait at the bar or explore the deli. That we did, indeed, admired the eye-pleasing cold cuts and cheese counters. The platters being prepared were mouth-watering. It only took 20 minutes to get a table, the end of a large and high table that seated 8 -10.  The staff then, oh-so, cheerful and friendly from the first minute. This is what I love in Swedes, the lovely smiles and sunny faces, service at its best.

The main attraction then, the food. Brunch and lunch. Italian style antipasti, fish, seafood and salads. I envy the Swedes for their splendid west coast abundant with seafood. The side salads were served in small bowls and huge plates of antipasti. Country bread and olive oil while waiting for the meal. Sounds of champagne bottles being opened. Music, chatter and laughter. Take a peek at the menu, do some guessing with the Swedish.


Urban Deli reminds me of Eataly, a global Italian high-end food market chain.


Jamie’s Italian

Initially I had decided not to dine at Jamie’s because I feel his face is rather worn. All the TV programs, cook books and products. However, as Jamie’s Italian was the first restaurant around the corner from our hotel, we could do nothing else but step into the bar full to the rims on that early Friday evening. We took a peak into the restaurant and managed to book a table for Saturday night.

The atmosphere was easy-going, not too posh. The decor with turquoise and brown with accents of copper and orange. I would love to see it in daylight. The staff was friendly and helpful. Our waiter was rather slow but she knew the dishes well. Her colleagues were helping out.


My salmon topped with a salad of orange and fennel was delightful. Tasty fennel with not too much orange and a bit of chives. The sides, grilled aubergine with caponata, was a disappointment. This caponata was with no tomatoes and a cold dish. My friend enjoyed a meaty burger and chips, later she told that the burger was lukewarm and the chips too salty. A pity!


I went for Pavlova, the classic dessert with frut and berries, meringue and whipped cream. Delicious! The chocolate sauce on top of all this! All the desserts were quite heavy and it was difficult to choose between then. Despite of this I would have loved to see fruit  or a fruit salad Macedonia on the dessert menu, like in Italy.


It was a good night and most delicious. This Jamie’s is located in the heart of the city, a step away from Stureplan and the entertainment and party scene of the city.

I hope you enjoyed and that this might be of help for some of you. Any other places to try in Stockholm? Or perhaps Göteborg or Toronto?



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