Focaccia con Olive

  A quick and easy bake, something to bake if there’s nothing ready to grab and bite in the pantry or fridge. I’ve been in work rotation at a spa and conference hotel for the past month, and find my days full of activities but hardly any time for grocery shopping. This focaccia made our evening. Again it was ages since I last baked one.

This makes one focaccia in a round dish of ca 40 cm in diameter.

2,5 dl water, 6 g dried yeast, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 2 dl flour, 3 dl graham flour, Rosemary, olives and olive oil

Measure the lukewarm water in a bowl. Mix the yeast in half a decilitre of flour. Mix in with the water with a fork. Add salt, sugar and chopped rosemary (ca 2 tsp). Add the rest of the flour and 2 tbsp olive oil to make a loose dough. You may not need all the 5 dl or you may need a bit more – this depends on the type of flour you use.

Pour the dough into a baking dish (greased or lined with baking paper). Let rest and rise on the stove while the oven gets warm. Turn on the oven to 200 C. 

Press small olives into the dough and sprinkle the bread with olive oil. Bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Serve as such or with cheese and wine. And more olives. The olives I have are from Piedmonte, tiny ones in different colours. Delicious, grazie a Torino! 


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