Brunch Sandwich with Beetroot and Dandelion

Brunch this morning at home – started with a pan of espresso, and continued with a plateful of organic oatmeal porrige with black currants. Now it is time for a sandwich – with beetroot, weeds from the garden and cottage cheese. Pretty healthy, don’t you think.

Use of edible wild plants is extremely popular this spring. I have to say that It is not the first time we have dandelion (taraxum officinale)  and ground elder (sego podium podagraria) on the plate. I love them this time of year when the shoots are young and tender, and later on in summer I weed them in my garden like a madman. My books on edible plants are out on the kitchen table for some revision!

This what you need for one portion:

Two slices of ciabatta, 2 tbsp cottage cheese, half a cooked beetroot, handful of greens, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar glacé.

Roast or toast the bread. Roast the pine nuts. Slice the beetroot into thin slices. Build your sandwich, top it with some balsamic vinegar glacé for sweetness and enjoy.




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