What’s Cooking? Bistro Sinne and the New Black 

The end of this academic year is around the corner. Many farewells in recent weeks and new beginnings too. I’m getting short of ideas for dinner.

Had a tete-a-tete with a dear colleague last Friday and decided to dine at the fabulous restaurant Sinne out of a spur of a moment. The night happened to be a special one as one of the best Finnish chefs Kari Aihinen was visiting the restaurant, the chef of Savoy, Helsinki. There we were, two crazy ladies wishing to have a quick meal before the movie – amongst the pre-booked guests taking their time enjoying the five course meal.

 We enjoyed the food in good company and talking a bit with Kari. We found the new black – cauliflower on the menu. The amuse bouche was pureed cauliflower, vendace roe and beurre de blanc.  Then our main was asparagus with truffles (Tartuffe, yummy!) and king crab with avocado cream. Kari was telling about the dishes and giving other recommendations too. A pity we could not stay and meet his wife.

Kari aka Kape is also a TV chef – not like Gordon Ramsay, much nice one. As it happens he’s on right now on the everyman’s barbecue master show!


  • Check out Bistro Sinne in Porvoo at Art Factory. They made it #11 in Finland within half a year from opening in 2012. Now they have opened also in Helsinki, our capital.

And at Restaurant Savoy, in Helsinki, you can enjoy and experience not only fabulous food but also Finnish design like e.g.  Alvar Aalto’s work.

The new black then? Cauliflower they say. Food trends often hit us in a couple of years. My trials this week have been sautéed cauliflower with hallow I flavoured with turmeric.


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