Sunday Lunch Mixed Mediterranean 

We are enjoying summer weather and have johan the first morning coffee on the deck.

Sunday lunch today is a put together with what’s in the fridge. Initially we meant to have a late brunch but it turned into lunch as the tomato plant shopping took a while. The tomatoes still need planting.

Baked aubergine and tomato (thin slices of aubergine sprinkled with salt and olive oil with a handful of cherry tomatoes, baked for 25 min in 175 C).

Breasaola on a bed of baby spinach -served with olive oil and pepper. 

Gorgonzola with rye crisps (Finnish speciality).

Turkish salad of sesame seed and pomegranate (sesame seed, bulgur, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, black pepper and chopped parsley).

Halloumi salad (grilled halloumi, tomato, belly pepper, chives, garlic, lettuce, olive oil and lemon vinegar)

Pizza from last night (aubergine, Gorgonzola and tomato)



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