Boston Butt BBQ and Green Beans

Summer heat has finally reached us here in Finland. It is time for barbecue although we still do not yet have a grill in the house. I prepared this on gas stove and went back to Nebraska in my mind when miIMG_3803xing the BBQ sauce. That is where I learnt it, I have no exact measures and it is a bit different every time.

This is what you need four four servings:

ca 600 g Boston butt aka pork shoulder cut into four steaks, salt and pepper, two handfuls of chopped kale

BBQ sauce: 1/2 dl coke, 1/2 dl tomato ketchup, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp HP sauce, a couple of turns of black pepper, salt, a handful of chopped chives

600 g green beans

Start with the sauce.

Mix all the ingredients and put the sauce into a large dish. Let the pork marinate in the sauce for an hour or so.

Wipe the marinade and roast the steaks on a hot pan, flip over and turn the heat down once you have a nice colour on both sides. Add the BBQ sauce and the chopped kale. Put the lid on and let stay on medium heat for ten to fifteen minutes depending on the thickness.

Boil water for the beans. Clean the beans. Add salt and the beans and cook til done. Pour out the water. Put the beans into the pan with the pork and heat up.

If you do have a grill, precook the beans and turn them on the grill just as the pork is getting ready. Brush the marinade on the pork as you grill it.

Hmm, what to do with the kale on the grill? I haven’t tried grilling it. Let me know if you have?




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