Encounter with Vincent and Axel in Amsterdam

What a better way to enjoy a Sunday in a city than indulge yourself in a good dialogue with your favourite artists. I did this the past Sunday in Amsterdam the company being Vincent van Gogh and Axel Munch.

I like if not love them both and have learnt to know their work in different parts of the world. The past Sunday my target was the newly opened exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum. I truly recommend it, I’d never actually thought of the resemblance or them being contemporaries. They both studied in Paris as any artist to be would do those days. They had a somewhat sad childhood and neither of them found true love. Both died in a relatively young age.

The colours used are strong and stokes powerful. Paint is not used scarcely. Oil colour is the most natural or favoured tool although graphics were also experimented. I love the yellows and oranges of Vincent. The blues and greens of Munch. The symbolism and nature phenomena.

The exhibition has a clever display of placing the paintings next to each other, displaying how Munch might have been influenced by Van Gogh. The exhibition displayed in the annex was quite sufficient and I only quickly entered the main.myseum building. It was rather crowded in the late afternoon and I realised that my stroll with the gentlemen had taken couple of hours. The terrific audioguide accompanied us through and through.

The experience reminded me of visits in Italy e.g. at Uffizzi and Stendahls syndrome, which was also a topic of one of the modern pieces of art in the museum.

The following stop would be Rijksmuseum and selected sections. The Van Der Meer, Rembrandts and The Dutch Delf China were awaiting.

Amsterdam was a delightful stop and excellent start for a good week of work in the Netherlands. The week let me have more insights into to Dutch way of life and culture.


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