Oven Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Using all of everything be it a pumpkin, potatoes or chicken, and planning ahead is what I believe in cooking. As it is pumpkins I’ve been cooking it was time to learn to use the seeds too.

I’d earlier bought pumpkin seed oil and green pumpkin seeds that I use in salads, soups and baking. Now I have discovered a whole world of roasted pumpkin seed recipes, and tried my first batch with Hokkaido pumpkin seeds.

Cleaning the seeds was perhaps the most work reminding me of pitting cherries. I rinsed the seeds but might have gotten a tastier roast if I had not. The spices remind me of roasted Christmas almonds and nuts.

I tried a mix of cinnamon, chiliimage, coconut sugar and smoked salt, and roasted the seeds for 10 minutes.


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