Finnish Dolmades, Grandma’s Cabbage Rolls


















This is not a Christmas dish at all but one of the favourite dishes, real comfort food. I can remember learning to make, roll, these at grandma’s way back in time. I must have been in my early teens.

I’ve had this cabbage head with a label ‘cabbage roll cabbage’ in the fridge for a couple of weeks now and this morning it begged me to it into dolmas. It had been ages since I last made these and now we are wondering why we don’t have them more often. The recipe is really not that complicated and the cooking is the most time-consuming part.

For four portions you need

a medium-sized cabbage, 300 g minced meat,  a chunk of smoked pork loin, 3 small onions, 1,5 dl cooked rice, marjoram, white pepper, 20 g butter and 3 dl beef stock, 2 tbsp dark syrup

Start with cooking the cabbage. Carve out the bottom stem of the cabbage. Cook the cabbage in salt water for 10-15 minutes. Prepare the filling in the meanwhile. Chop the onion and the pork. Sauté in a frying pan. Add the meat and sauté lightly. Mix in the rice. Season with marjoram and white pepper.

Loosen the cabbage leaves carefully. Fill the leaves one by one, taking them into the palm of your hand, placing a spoonful of filling in and rolling it up. Place the rolls in a greased oven form. Fill the form and sprinkle the rolls with syrup. Cook in 150 C for 1,5 hours. Pour over beef stock every 30 minutes. Enjoy with lingonberry.



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