Slow-Cooked Rye and Cranberry Porridge

Holiday season and childhood taste memories go together. I cooked this delicious porridge of rye meal and cranberry.  You need only four ingredients: rye meal, water, salt and cranberry or lingonberry.


For two large or three small portions you need: 1/2 l water, 2 dl rye meal, 1 dl mashed cranberry or lingonberry and 1/2 tsp salt. Soak the rye meal overnight in the water. Put the pan on low heat and add the cranberry mash. Cook on low heat for an hour. The longer you cook the porridge the better the taste. Add water if the porridge becomes too thick.

Add a teaspoon of agave syrup (or any other syrup) on top if you find the porridge took sour. Serve as such or with milk or butter-milk.

This is so delicious and healthy too. It is a porridge not served on ordinary weekdays as it takes time to cook. Lingonberry would be a more typical ingredient in Finland and when I was young most people would have buckets of raw-mashed lingonberry  in the cellar. All self picked, of course.





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